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Advance 2D and 3D game development in Unity3D

Game enthusiast in the truest sense

I eat, sleep, dream & play games

Most experience with AR and VR

Over 4 years of AR/VR work with everyday coffee

Why Unitynot Unreal ?

Everything starts with a park. An awesome idea
Building a Development Team. Visualize your dream
Testing is a step closer to an AAA product
Whooray! Release

About Me


Professional unity programmer with over 10 years experience. Developed games and applications in Augmented reality, virtual reality, with artificial intelligence, car simulation scripts, real dynamic lighting and shadow features, lightmaps, multi-player and many other features. Also have experience in developing games and apps for Android Wear Smartwatches including VR controllers based on watch movements.
Experienced with:
– Unity 3D Game Engine
– Ability to implement sounds and 3D models with animations into any project
– C# programming skills (OOP programming, interfaces, generic functions, and so on)
– Database programming
– Connections with servers
– Any plugin integrations (even fixing compiler errors between plugins)
– Any social network interactions integrations (Facebook, Google+, and many more)
– Unreal Engine Game Programmer
– C++ programming skills
– C programming skills
– Java programming skills gained through Android Studio
– Expert code optimizer
– Detail orientated

Programming C#
Deploy in time

Choose from a variety of hiring models

  • The billing is done on a periodic basis such as 2-4 weeks
  • Suitable for ongoing or long term projects
  • The billing is done according to a fixed project cost
  • Suitable for projects with precise specifications and documentation
  • The billing is done according to the time spent
  • Suitable for small mid scale projects

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